Mechanical workshop

Work processes:
CNC plate bending
CNC water jet cutting
Traditional machining
Argon shielded arc welding
Typical tasks:
Sheet/plate and rod material cutting, turning, milling, welding
Manufacturing vacuum components (chambers, drift tubes), in UHV range too
Manufacturing unique equipment

In recent years, an increase has been shown in the demand for Isotoptech Ltd.’s self-manufactured devices. The exact timing of the production made it necessary to carry out certain work processes within the company. Because we manufacture these devices for special applications (vacuum applications, high purity gas sampling, field sampling and measuring devices), we thought that having a private workshop would result in less consultation, waste product and time loss.

Since our company has had a close partnership with the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for more than ten years, we learned first about the difficulties of the Institute’s workshop. Employment of the workers reaching the retirement age became impossible, since work in the public sector is not „supported” in the retirement age. The greatest evidence of the vast expertise and experience of these colleagues is that the workshop has been functioning as a trainee center for a long time, and the most talanted students started their career here after finishing school. It would have been a shame to lose this great amount of knowledge and experience.

As a solution for these two problems the Isotoptech Ltd. rented a part of the old INR workshop, began to employ the experts close to retirement age, and also their younger colleagues, who will carry on the above mentioned knowledge  and experience over time.

Since then it seems that it proved to be a good decision, because our mechanical workshop has been continually evolving.


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