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Gas monitoring system for l/ilw waste drums


Stainless Steel parts
Can be loaded up to a pressure of 2.5 bar. This value can be further increased by resizing the hermetic container
HeliumLeak Test
Monitoring the temperature and pressure of the gases in the gasspace of the hermetic container
The hermetic container can be heated up to 40 °C in a controlled manner
The temperaturecan be increased significantly in the case when the high-precision laboratory gas analysis is adequate
Gassensors (CO2, O2, CH4… other optional sensors) for the online monitoring of the gasspace of the hermetic container

The first system to investigate the gas formation in low- and intermediate-level waste has been made for the Hungarian RHK KHT (Public company for Radioactive Waste Management) in the year 2003 by Isotoptech Zrt. An advanced and improved version of this system can be seen in the pictures, which was built per request of the Swiss NAGRA (National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste).

The aim of the GMS is to allow a more accurate analytical examination of the gases forming in the waste. For this purpose, it has multiple sensors which are continuously monitoring the gas space in the drum and allow fully automated measurements to be carried out daily or even several times a day without opening the gas space. In addition, it is possible to collect gas samples from the drums, which are delivered to a laboratory in order to perform more accurate measurements.

The system can be expanded modularly. This means that the customer can begin the project with just one waste barrel/drum and only the Hermetic Container needs to be purchased in case of expansion. The new Hermetic Container can be easily connected to the series of the already extant Hermetic Containers. After setting up the expansion in the software too, the new GMS is ready for use. There is no need to purchase a new Main Electronic Unit, Gas Sampling Unit and software.

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