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Isotoptech Zrt.

Our main activity is technical research and development. Our basic activity is the monitoring of nuclear power plants and radioactive waste disposal facilities, impact assessment of these facilities and the construction and maintenance of contamination dispersion and hydrological models. Investigations regarding the disposal of low and intermediate level wastes, the gas generation and degradation of wastes and the safety assessment of disposal facilities are also included in our activities. We are regularly monitoring the hermeticity of the nuclear fuel elements by analysing the gases dissolved (including noble gases) in the primary circuit and in the Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility by the analysis of the gases in the vicinity of the nuclear fuel elements. By the unique tracing technique developed by our company, the high-sensitivity investigation of the hermeticity of the primary circuit service pools can be performed.

The aformentioned studies and analyses require special methods and measurement techniques. This necessitates the up-to-date expertise of our researchers, as well as the continuous development of our analytical instruments. In addition, many of our partners have unique requests which can not be fulfilled using only the methods described in literature. In some cases, we have to adapt the existing methods to the task, but most of the time we have to develop new and unique methods. As a result we publish several scientific articles in refereed journals each year.

The continually renewed demands of our partners and our inherent urge are the assurances of the continuous development of our company.

veres mihaly
Mihály Veres
Chairman and CEO


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