Evaluation of temporary water modes; Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., 2009-2010.
Cooperation in the installation of an industrial structural integrity test device; VTMT LLC., Kon Trade + LLC and Elektrolux – Lehel LLC., 2009.
Summarised evaluation of the measurements regarding the environment of the power plant;
Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., 2005.
Elaboration and implementation of the programmed and automated sampling at the stopping and starting stages of the blocks. Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., 2002.
Restructuring the radiation sources disposed in the Radioactive Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility,
Püspökszilágy; Public Limited Company for Radioactive Waste Management, 2002.
Analysis of the connection between the leakages within the controlled zone and the tritium in the environment, investigation of the size and the change over time of the tritium plume. Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., 2002.
Unit operation of the transport characteristics of the helium sample and of the tracing salt solution put into the secondary circuit of the steam generator of an assigned block of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant;
Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., 2000-2001.
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