Installation of measurement systems and devices

Installation of radiation protection and emission monitoring devices to the surface and subsurface sites of the National Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, 2008-2012.
Delivery of ceramic ovens to an automated graphitisation device;
ETHZ, Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics, 2012.
Delivery of combined T-14C sampling unit and desorption unit;
Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Vilnius, 2011.
Installation of combined T-14C sampling units to the "A" type monitoring station of Paks Nuclear Power Plant;
Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., 2008-2011.
Delivery of desorption units to the Environmental Monitoring Laboratory of Paks Nuclear Power Plant, 2010.
Installation of an aerosol sampling unit to sample the ventilation stack of the Radioactive Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility
Püspökszilágy, 2010.
Installation of two 85Kr sampling units; Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility,
Paks, 2010.
Transformation of the signal collection network of the Radiation Protection Monitoring System of the National Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, 2010.
Renovation of four water yield meters belonging to the monitoring system of the Radioactive Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility,
Püspökszilágy, 2010.
Installation of an oven able to be heated up to 500C in a controlled way; Biochemistry Institute of the Biological Research Centre, Szeged of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2010.
Delivery of radiocarbon sampling unit to a meteorological monitoring station, National Weather Service, 2009.
Procurement and installation of three portable radiation protection devices; National Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, 2009.
Installation of an industrial structural integrity test device; cooperation with the VTMT LLC., the Kon Trade + LLC. and the Elektrolux – Lehel LLC., 2009.
Delivery and assembly of the central and technological laboratory furniture within the framework of the project "Investment tasks of the stage 1 of the surface facilities of the National Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility site" aiming the permanent disposal of the low and intermediate level wastes in Bátaapáti;
VEGYÉPSZER Ltd., 2008.

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