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The aim of the origin investigation is to determine the origin of inorganic or organic samples. One possible method for determination is the isotope analysis of the samples. One part of these investigations is to determine the geographical origin of these samples based on stable isotope analysis because the environmental factors are different in different geographical areas, the environmental parameters are specific to the area where the sample gets from. Based on stable isotope analysis it can be estimate the geographic origin of an egg, or it can be evaluate the fertilization type of the plant (organic-inorganic) besides thehoney adulteration analysis can be determine as well. In addition to the geographic origin based on other isotope analytical investigations or water chemistry can be determine the origin of a contamination or else the heavy metals can be predicted in soils as well.With Radiocarbon measurements it is not only possible to determine the age of an artefact, but based on knowing the painter's work years it can expose a fake art too.


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